Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Writing for Constant Content: Advantages and Disadvantages

Constant Content is a website that connects freelance writers to potential clients. It's a place to do business: You submit an article you've written, setting a price you think is fair, and if someone thinks the article is worth buying, they pay you. Constant Content takes a 35-percent slice off the top for being the go-between.

What Can I Write for Constant Content?
CC accepts articles on just about any nonfiction subject as long as you've written within the bounds of good taste and with good grammar, spelling and style. CC doesn't allow fiction or first-person narratives, so memoirs and personal essays are out. Informative articles about about just any topic are permitted, but to ensure a sale, choose something popular and generic. Ask yourself what prospective clients searching for articles for a website or print publication are likely to want. Travel, technology, home and garden, finance, education and personal fitness are good bets, for example.

What Should I Charge at Constant Content?
When you set a price for your article, bear in mind that you only get 65 percent of the total amount. Eight to 12 cents a word for exclusive rights is a reasonable standard, but you can go over if you think the writing quality and research warrants it. When you post a new article to Constant Content, you fill in a short summary and an excerpt of at least a third of the article. Whatever you charge, use the short summary wisely -- it's your chance to sell the article and convince the customer it's worth the price.

How Hard Is It to Get Accepted at Constant Content?
Getting accepted as a author requires a good resume and writing samples. If you get these right, it's easy to sign up for Constant Content. The harder part is getting an article accepted. Your spelling, grammar and style pretty much need to be impeccable, as Constant Content editors will reject an article for as little as a single typo. You can resubmit an article once you've made corrections, but you'll still have to wait for it to be reviewed, as you're effectively submitting from scratch again. Review times can be anything from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks.

Summary of Constant Content Tips
  • Choose topics with broad appeal
  • Write a kick-ass short summary to ensure a sale
  • Price $0.08-$0.12pw
  • Proofread to perfection
Constant Content: Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Advantage: Pick any topic
  • Advantage: Set your own price
  • Advantage: Have clients come looking for you
  • Disadvantage: Constant Content takes a 35% commission
  • Disadvantage: No guarantee you'll sell


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